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As a proud graduate of a comprehensive ads manager program, featuring a private network of professional ad managers, I have access to TONS of valuable resources.

I am happy to present inspiring case studies from our team!

These case studies offer a glimpse into top strategies that could transform your ads, bringing the results you deserve.

This year, we hit it out of the ballpark with a best-selling author, businesswoman and business mentor, getting her 23 high-ticket sales, making 57K in 60 days


She grew her list by 1873 people in the 60 day period (it's now up to 7000 subs),  a 42% landing page conversion rate, and 23 sales into her high-ticket coaching program. We've now automated the funnel into an evergreen model and it's making sales consistently.

See the full report here.

This year, we hit it out of the ballpark, earning an online life coach 45K in 30 days


The coach experienced a 49% landing page conversion rate, booked 61 sales calls in 30 days at $15 a call and closed 13 people into her high-ticket coaching program.   

See the full report here.

This year, we hit it out of the ballpark, earning an online coach 24K in 60 days.  

The coach experienced a 650% increase in freebie traffic, a ROAS of 9.6x, webinar registrations for $1.99, increased booked calls by 320% and increased landing page conversion rates to 58%. 

See the full report here.

Your support was much more than I expected. She was very generous with the information and tips she shared, including a personalized strategy for my sales funnel and the right ad strategy for my business. 

I walked away with increased clarity and focus about the next steps I needed to take in my business, plus actionable steps to implement right away. She was also very responsive in answering any follow-up questions I had, including making herself available to me live to help troubleshoot questions I had with the ads manager. 

I’m really pleased and definitely recommend her!” Erica G. Craig

Clorissa at Roer Digital Marketing Agency is wonderful. She provided me with a lot of honest critique for my website and funnel, which helped me to further advance them, and streamline my entire process. She’s also extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. If you’re looking to run Facebook ads, install a sales funnel, or perfect your website then look no further! I highly recommend choosing Roer Digital Marketing Agency!

- Brittany One Eleven Digital Marketing

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